Custom Made Pistons Available

We are now offering custom make pistons from aluminum in most sizes from 2 1/2" to 8" diameter. We are currently making pistons turned from solid billet aluminum in up to 2 1/2" diameter. We can do limited modifications on commercially available pistons.    Some current services available are custom wrist pin fitting, valve guide and seat installation, blind and open cylinder rigid honing Whether the custom piston will be cast or forged depends on design of the available and will be our choice most times. Sorry we do not do cast iron or exotic materials. For cast iron pistons email Ed Deis at . Pistons with round shaped tops such as dishes or domes are cheaper than those with steps or lumps on one side that must be milled in. Milled clearance for valves costs more too. We can tailor the ring package to suit stock off the shelf rings to save you time and money. We can do custom pistons for 4 stroke or 2 stroke applications. Tractor puller applications are our specialty. Currently these are taking 6-8 weeks to finish. You will be expected to supply a sample piston. Email us for price quotes on your special requirements.

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